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Infrastructure is the key for the growth of Brazil



We are a specialized consultancy firm on economic-financial issues of infrastructure businesses.
We deal with regulatory issues, governance, project modelling and financing.
Our consultants have applied academic experience, worked for large corporations,
and performed governmental functions related to PPP and privatization, providing them with an outstanding experience and privileged view to support your business.



BR Infra Group  was formed by the reunion of three infrastructure specialists,  Marcelo Allain (Investment Partnerships Program – PPI and DEUX Consultores) and Frederico Turolla (PEZCO Economics).

 Each one of them has been covering different areas of infrastructure, allowing for a great complementarity when their consulting activities were united under the BR Infra Group.

 The result is a consultancy firm that can deliver strategic, technical and economic-financial services to investors, sponsors and Governments.

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Leaders by Area


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Director and Leader in Finance and Transportation

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Leader in Sanitation, Mobility and Social Infra



Mission and Vision of the Firm

BR Infra Group has the mission to support Companies, Investors and Governments
to develop the country’s social, sanitation and logistic infrastructure.
We have the vision that the moment has arrived for Brazil to enlarge its investments in infrastructure with private management, under a robust and clear public regulation. For this purpose, it is quintessencial to improve the quality of projects, as well as assure their financiability and correctly allocate risks between the grating power and the private investor.


Get professional support to identify risks and opportunities in the infrastructure world in Brazil.